Dynasty invests in China-relevant life-sciences projects. We lead and finance product development in China, in partnership with Chinese investors and European scientists, sharing the downstream revenue and rewards.

The Dynasty model combines the work of a biotech company with that of a life sciences investor.

The biotech company partners with UK innovators who have developed products that are both relevant to China and already sufficiently developed to be commercialised in China. Dynasty develops the products and shares the downstream value with the innovators. Meanwhile the investment business sources Chinese capital to fund the UK biotech activities, and provides growth capital to larger science businesses in order to develop products in China.

The Dynasty model is a novel alternative to venture capital, powered by foreign direct investment, generating new exports for UK biotechs.

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If you need funding for a product in or approaching the clinic, for a med device, diagnostic or analytics system with a proven prototype, or for a product already on the market but not in China ... then we want to hear from you.

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  • "The UK Government recognises the strong potential for collaboration between the UK and China and actively welcomes partnership for innovation.”–UK Government support, Office for Life Sciences 2013

  • “The UK Life Sciences Strategy recognises that we must use our outstanding science base to its fullest potential in order that we remain at the forefront of the new life sciences landscape. Dynasty itself provides access for international partners to some of the best life science technology in the world.”–UK Government support, Office for Life Sciences 2013

  • “Dynasty Biotechnology provides further evidence of the UK's position as the global hub for life sciences, attracting global pharma companies to the UK as their European location of choice, and demonstrating the value of UK life sciences innovation in China - one of the world's most important markets. "–UK Government support, Office for Life Sciences 2013

  • "Dynasty Biotechnology enters the market at a time when all recognise the value of our Sino-UK relationship."–UK Government support, Office for Life Sciences 2013