China: so much more than just trade

Caption: Just add friends. Good food will do the rest

I am sat with three friends around a table at a local restaurant in Wuhan, China. The table itself is round of course, with a circular glass plate, laden with dishes, rotating slowly at its centre. Our bowls are blessed with delicious food, our glasses are full, our chopsticks are busy, friendly conversation fills the small private dining room, and the world is put to ...

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You are losing. What do you do?

How does it feel when a project starts well but then deteriorates … until you find yourself being soundly beaten?

rubgy_ballI am in Wuhan, China this week. I met with Mr Qian, leader of the Wuhan Biolake and Mrs Shen of Wuhan-based pharma company HumanWell yesterday. Over a delicious Chinese lunch, conversation turned first to rugby – Mr Qian clearly being bemused to receive a full ...

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