A ‘sure thing’ funding pitch in China

I am back in Wuhan, Hubei Province, pitching for grant money.

Wuhan Biolake, two hours flight time west of Shanghai, runs an annual funding competition called ‘The 3551 Scheme for Talents’, providing ‘free money’ to enterprises that bring high quality technology and technical knowledge to Wuhan.

chinaProvinces-704548The 3551 competition is a fantastically successful program and is worth entering, if anyone is interested. Winners gain up to £500k in cash for use ...

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China: where should you locate your business?

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When in China, many government-sponsored science parks vie for your attention and investment.

In my first China trip of 2014 I visited the new science and innovation park in Benxi, just South of Shenyang in the North East of China and only around 100 miles north of Dandong/Sinuiju on the North Korean border, where we sought to engage with the local cluster. Luckily we brought along two products that gained immediate buy-in from ...

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China Beckons

The first point I would like to make about trips to China is this: you soon discover that, despite not understanding their language culture or politics, we in the UK have more in common with the Chinese folks one meets than with the Americans. The Chinese and English are as one people, divided by almost everything except the importance of relationships. And in China, relationships are everything.

This China trip is part of what appears to be my Grant Application Month. First there ...

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