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Ancient findings question how far we have come:

I am sitting in my normal in-flight cocoon on my way back to the UK from China, reflecting on the trip. My focus this time was on Yuyao in the Zhejiang Province, just south of Shanghai, as a likely new office location for Dynasty. I often get the pleasure of unexpected outings when being entertained by government officials in China, all keen to show off the best features in their own locale, and the Hemudu ...

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China: where should you locate your business?

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When in China, many government-sponsored science parks vie for your attention and investment.

In my first China trip of 2014 I visited the new science and innovation park in Benxi, just South of Shenyang in the North East of China and only around 100 miles north of Dandong/Sinuiju on the North Korean border, where we sought to engage with the local cluster. Luckily we brought along two products that gained immediate buy-in from ...

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