China: where should you locate your business?

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When in China, many government-sponsored science parks vie for your attention and investment.

In my first China trip of 2014 I visited the new science and innovation park in Benxi, just South of Shenyang in the North East of China and only around 100 miles north of Dandong/Sinuiju on the North Korean border, where we sought to engage with the local cluster. Luckily we brought along two products that gained immediate buy-in from ...

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Chasing the dragon? Setting up in China

So, as the ‘white wine’-induced hangover wears off, I realise that I have a new addiction: China.

China is a heady drug for anyone involved in biotech, cleantech or IT, representing a massive potential market, a source of significant funding – both in terms of grant and investment – and offering the potential for rapid product development. It is also a frightening, challenging, bureaucratic, unknown business environment with alien culture and, at first sight, inpenetrable language.

This series of blogs ...

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